Automatic cutting bellows machine

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Automatic cutting bellows machine

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  • ● The automatic bellows cutting machine adopts high-speed microprocessor, specially developed and designed for the bellows of the automobile wiring harness industry, with high-precision PLC control, and the operation is simple and easy to understand;

    ● The automatic bellows cutting machine is easy to operate and can be used to cut round plastic hoses and bellows. The processing efficiency is high, stable and reliable;

    ● The stepping motor is used for feeding, which has the characteristics of stable feeding and accurate length. The circuit adopts integrated circuit, the control is stable, and the maintenance is simple. The screen uses a touch screen, and various data can be seen at a glance.


  • Model Automatic cutting bellows machine
    power supply AC220V 50HZ (single phase)
    Features 500W
    Cutting length 50-9999.9mm
    Cutting accuracy ±1 + L x 0.01mm (L is the cutting length)
    Cutting speed 60-110 times/minute
    Speed  Degree L=100mm 100PCS/Min
    weight About 180 Kg
    Physical dimension 1700L*700W*1400H (mm)


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