Automatic coaxial wire stripping machine

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Automatic coaxial wire stripping machine

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  • Product name: HS-7090 Automatic Coaxial Wire Stripping Machine

    Product Features

    ●The automatic coaxial wire stripping machine is mainly designed for the manufacturing field of the communication industry (coaxial cable processing). The cutting of the wire can be done in one or more layers. The machine uses a rotary cutter head to cut and the V-shaped blade cuts off. Stripping, the two cutter heads cooperate with each other to more accurately improve the quality and output of the processed product, and can complete the processing of various types and diameters of cables in the entire range without replacing any blade. The processed data can be stored in the setting In the file, it is easy to use and easy to operate.


  • Maximum processing cable diameter


    Minimum processing diameter


    Maximum processing length


    Minimum processing length

    Middle glue18mm

    Cutting depth unit


    Minimum stripping length


    Maximum stripping length A end (front end)


    Maximum number of peeling segments


    Maximum stripping length B end (rear end)

    35mm Speed: Stripping speed and feed speed can be adjusted according to demand


    Depending on the total length of the operating line and operating procedures; up to 800-1200pcs/hr

    Drive method

    Motor ball screw drive Display method 7 inch touch screen

    Rotary cutting blade

    2 pieces of material, imported tungsten steel Cutting blade 4 pieces, imported high speed steel

    Clamping device

    Self-aligning, motor drive, program control of clamping force power supply AC220V/50/60HZ


    100 kinds of cable processing data power 700W


    115KG Dimensions 3300*800*1250mm


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