Big cable computer stripping machine

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Big cable computer stripping machine

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  • Product name: HS-608F3 Large Cable Computer Wire Stripping Machine

    Product Features

    ●This machine is mainly aimed at the automobile industry, sensor industry, electric power industry, electric control cabinet, battery box wire. It can cut and peel the whole coil of wire according to the required length and stripping head, without hurting the outer skin and conductor, belt feeding line Accurate accuracy, which greatly improves efficiency.


  • Model

    HS- 608F3

    Power supply




    Productivity (times/min)

    950pcs/h (according to the line within 1 meter, diameter less than 6mm)

    Only 1 meter long cut off, 1800 per hour. (Diameter below 6mm)

    Cutting length (mm)

    0.5mm-99999.99mm, the middle skin is greater than 120mm

    Front stripping length

    Sheathed wire MAX300 cable line completely off MAX30mm

    Rear stripping length

    Sheathed wire MAX180, cable wire completely off MAX50mm

    Stripping range

    608f3 sheathed wire

    Wire type

    Sheathed wire, PVC, Teflon wire, glass wire PVC

    Catheter diameter

    1- 12mm

    Cutting tolerance

    Specifically, the length monitoring can be installed according to customer requirements to reach the standard.

    Drive method

    Belt feeding, 12-wheel drive, independent drive box drive

    Display method Touch screen operation, Chinese display






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