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      Nanjing Hongsheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a global leading harness manufacturer Cixi Hongsheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., which aims at application scenarios such as wire harness sleeve number tubes or heat shrinkable sleeves in power and electrical complete sets, power system automation, new energy and other industries. And the established high-tech subsidiary. Professional R&D and manufacturing of automatic wire harness end processing equipment, intelligent production through cloud database, lean and digital methods, combined with software and innovative digital processing technology, to replace the traditional secondary and primary wire harness production methods, to provide digital integrated solutions.
The company mainly provides automatic secondary wiring harness equipment, primary wiring harness equipment and other automatic auxiliary equipment related to wiring harness. At the same time, it can provide production execution MES system and digital assembly production line according to customer needs, and develop and promote new digital harness manufacturing and assembly Craftsmanship.
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