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  • Double-head wire stripping crimping machine
  • Used for assembling heat shrinkable tube machine with stepped terminals at both ends of wire rod
  • Forming mechanism of round sheath wire stripping head through heat shrinkable tube machine
  • Round jacket wire stripping head through end heat shrinkable tube machine
  • Folding and bending mechanism of double-pressure double-passing number tube machine
  • Code-printing and number-piercing mechanism of double-pressure double-number-piercing machine
  • Double pressure double wear number tube machine
  • Double-head wire stripping crimping terminal through plastic shell machine
  • Pipe threading and head end riveting terminal mechanism of full-automatic double pressure threading long sleeve machine
  • Full-automatic tangent peeling single-pressure single-through plastic casing casing machine
  • Terminal wire wiring machine
  • Terminal line multi-line parallel machine
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