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Computer pipe cutting machine

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  • Product name: Computer Pipe Cutting Machine HS-7018B+B

    Product Features

    ●   This machine changes manual pipe cutting mode, automatically feeds and cuts;

    ●   Adjustment is convenient and simple;

    ●   Save time, effort and materials.


  • Model Output (bar/hour) Cutting length Applicable pipes
    7018 1500-2000Article 5-9999mm
    7018B 2000-15000Article 3-9999mm General drawing, copper wire and plastic, PVC pipe
    7018B+B 1500-14500Article 3-9999mm General drawing, copper wire and plastic, PVC pipe
    7018H 10000-20000Article 3-9999mm Rigid PVC pipe and rigid plastic pipe


    Dimensions 420L×415W×225H (mm)
    Weight 18kg
    Display method Chinese interface LCD display or English
    Power supply AC220V 50HZ (power should be stable)
    Power Rating 100W Max.170W
    Cutting length 5-9999mm
    Cutting tolerance Within 0.02×Lmm※L=Cutting length
    Applicable pipe diameter Φ1—Φ17
    Tool material Hard tungsten steel (long life)
    Yield 15000-2000/hour
    Wheel pressure adjustment have
    Duct injury tiny
    Speed regulation 0-9
    Drive method Two-wheel drive
    User reviews great


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