Mute terminal machine

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Mute terminal machine

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  • Product Name: Silent Terminal Machine

    Product Features

    ●  This machine is a general-purpose mute terminal machine with high precision, fast speed and easy operation;

    ● Adopt high-strength ductile iron body structure, which greatly improves the overall robustness and durability;

    ● It can be equipped with straight and transverse molds with universal pressing, high power and strong pressure.

    ● Mainly used for playing large terminals and double-headed broadcast heads, automobile wiring harness and other terminals.


  • Model HS-4T HS-2T HS-1.5T
    Dimensions 350x333x760 (mm) 240x270x650 (mm) 220x250x420 (mm)
    Weight 80Kg 65Kg 40Kg
    Nominal pressure (kn) 40Kn 20Kn 15Kn
    Power supply 220V/50HZ/60 HZ 220V/50HZ/60 HZ 220V/50HZ/60 HZ
    Power 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW
    Slider stroke 30mm 40mm 35mm
    Pressing times 250spm 250spm 250spm


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