Automatic sleeve number tube crimping machine

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Automatic sleeve number tube crimping machine

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  • HS-6060-3A automatic sleeve number tube crimping machine

    Features: Optional innovative crimping module, the same station does not need to replace the vibration plate to achieve the same type of multi-standard terminal crimping, the terminal uses a robot to automatically select different terminals, can be automatically picked according to the table terminal sequence, the same terminal machine can be used Set vibrating disks to greatly improve efficiency.

    Automatic sleeve number tube realizes automatic printing sleeve number tube, the length can be set arbitrarily within the range of 15-35mm, automatically adjust the number tube printing direction, can adapt to different material types of number tube, the number tube rate is high, and can be processed slightly flat Number tube.

    The wire feeding part can process 6 different colors of wire in sequence without manual wire change, and it can be automatically selected according to the table, and the efficiency is doubled.

    Advanced production self-detection function realizes self-detection of missing line, self-detection of missing number tube, and self-detection of overload of wire feeding motor. And can choose terminal crimping pressure management device, terminal crimping visual image detection system, etc., worry-free operation, quality assurance.

    With strong R&D capabilities, it can intelligently upgrade and expand device functions.

  • model HS-6060-3A
    power supply AC220V 50HZ Simplex
    Features Automatic wire cutting, stripping, twisting, printing number tube, sleeve number tube, crimping terminal.
    Features ≥9 items/minute (within 300mm)
    Processing wire diameter 1.0-2.5mm²
    Cutting length 220-4000mm
    Cutting accuracy 0.1mm+cutting length*0.2% or less
    Stripping length 1-15mm
    Pressing ability 3.0T
    air pressure 0.6-0.7Mpa(Please use clean and dry air source)
    Testing device Missing or knotted wire, missing ribbon and number tube detection
    Dimensions 8500Lx2500Wx1850H (mm)(Without pay-off)
    weight about 1500Kg
    Other Optional terminal pressure management device, terminal visual inspection system


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