Double pressure double wear heat shrinkable casing machine

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Double pressure double wear heat shrinkable casing machine

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  • Product name: HS-62326 Double-pressure double-through heat shrinkable casing machine
    Product Features

    ●The equipment realizes continuous automatic processing of automatic wire feeding, cutting and stripping, double-end crimping terminals, and double-through heat shrinkable sleeves.

    ● Wire splitting and stripping ends, double-through heat-shrinkable tubing and heat-shrink fully-automatic completion, the single machine capacity is equivalent to the production capacity of 6 to 8 semi-automatic production lines.

    ● PLC control, touch screen operation, simple operation and quick adjustment.

    ●The main components of the equipment adopt well-known international and domestic brands to ensure the reliability and service life of the equipment.


  • model


    power supply

    AC220V/50HZ Single phase


    Single/double crimp terminals. Single and double end sleeves without heat shrink sleeve

    Production capacity

    20 lines/minute line length 200mm, two casing tubes length 25mm)

    Processing wire diameter

    0.5mm²- 2.5mm² other wire diameters can be customized

    Cutting length

    80mm 500m (requires length of casing wire)

    Stripping length


    Casing length

    18~ 25mm

    Cutting accuracy

    0.5mm + cutting length * 0 2% or less

    air pressure

    0.6-0.7Mpa (Please use clean and dry air source)

    Testing device

    Wire missing or knotted, terminal detection, bushing detection

    Heat shrink device

    Hot air pipe + hot drying tunnel


    2550L1800W*1650H (mm) (Without pay-off rack and hot drying tunnel)


    about 600Kg


    Optional terminal pressure management device, terminal visual inspection


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