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What are the danger points of the automatic terminal crimping machine?

Update:04 Aug 2016

For operators who operate fully automatic terminal crimping machines, they are more concerned about the safety of operating machines and equipment. This is a good thing and shows that they have a sense of safety. Especially for novices, it is still not clear how to operate in many places, especially need to pay attention to, it is necessary to strictly follow the safety operation rules of the fully automatic terminal machine.

1. Power switch section
No matter what kind of electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, power supply, switch parts need special attention, because here is related to electricity.

2. The sharp part
For example, the knives and some protruding parts of the terminal machine also need special care. Pay attention to safety when replacing knives, and keep the discarded knives properly and do not throw them around.

3. Rotating part
Automated equipment is driven by a motor and rotates in many places. Generally, there will be a safety zone, especially when the machine is running. Do not exceed it.

4. High-pressure gas
The terminal machine needs an air compressor to supply high-pressure gas, and here is also a place that everyone needs to pay attention to, although this high-pressure gas itself is not too dangerous, I am afraid that some people will be intimidated by high-pressure gas accidentally, and it will happen indirectly. Coherent dangerous moves.
In short, the current fully automatic terminal crimping machine has considered many problems, and the operation is becoming more and more safe, but some basic common sense and basic safe operation specifications everyone still need to know, if you don’t understand anything, Contact us directly!

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